Elena Mukhina is a sophomore at the University of New York in Prague, Czech Republic, majoring in Business Administration. With the credits she earned from the Saylor courses she has completed so far, Elena hopes to transfer to a new university and graduate a year early. Read the story of this driven Saylor student below!

“I became fascinated with business during my teenage years when I ended up in a management internship, and since then, I’ve always kept the thought of studying it more seriously in the back of my mind.”

After graduating from high school a year ahead of her class and with hopes of reaching the finish line as an undergraduate also a year early, Elena is looking forward to venturing into the entrepreneurial world and the IT field. 

The Saylor Experience

“I heard about Saylor Academy through a friend’s recommendation. We met in college in one of the classes, and since I was from Russia and didn’t really know anything about the American education system in which I ended up, she kindly explained everything to me and told me about ACE credits, and told me about the Saylor courses.”

Elena has completed a total of 7 courses with Saylor Academy and plans to complete another 8 courses by her next semester in college. 

Project Management remains her favorite course so far. In her words: “It is a challenging one with a lot to cover, but it gives a great perspective on a subject and explains even the hardest concepts in detail.”

“I’ve always enjoyed self-paced learning where I can plan my education based on my needs and possibilities, so my experience with Saylor can be for sure described as a pleasant one. Undoubtedly such kind of learning requires a lot of determination and time management but the result is more than rewarding.”

Thanks to the flexibility our courses offer, more and more students are finding that Saylor Academy fits perfectly into their schedules.

What Comes After Graduation?

“After finishing my Bachelor’s degree, I want to apply for a Master’s program in some business-related field to further my knowledge, expand my employment opportunities and possibly explore the IT field.”

Elena has come a long way, demonstrating her determination in hitting one milestone after another. We asked her to share a piece of advice for adults who want to finish their degrees or go back to school, and this is what she had to say.

“For those in doubt about their education, I would wish for them to stop questioning their possibilities and worrying about what others will say about their experience and just go for it and try to enjoy every moment along the way.”

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