Elisa Carilli, from Italy, has completed six courses with Saylor Academy. With an academic background in electrical engineering, Elisa recently worked for a biomedical company as a design quality engineer, developing a prototype machine to perform dialysis at home. 

“During my first work experience, I participated in various research programs, the most important of which led to the development of an electromechanical actuator.”

Elisa first came across Saylor Academy in 2021 while actively seeking to further develop her professional skills. Upon learning about our courses, she decided to sign up for one and earn her free certificate. Once she completed that first milestone, she moved on to a second course.  

“It’s like taking a university course, with the convenience that you can take it how and when you want. For these reasons, I attended and completed six courses!”

“My favorite course was Project Management because it was an in-depth technical course that taught me so many things, so much so that I also included it in my CV.”

Online education has been around for some time now and has helped many students around the world pave their way to career advancement. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Elisa and will be rooting for her every step of the way. 

Education is a powerful tool that can open many doors. Whether you are looking to add to your skill-set, your resume, or just learn for fun, we have plenty of courses to help you on your journey. Read more of our student interviews here and find information on our courses here.