Mila Faith P. Sumayang, from Davao City, Philippines, is a recent graduate of Holy Cross of Davao College. Having just earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Mila has served as president of the Students Against Drugs organization on campus from 2020-2022. 

“As of the moment, I am working as a tutor and also preparing myself for next year’s Criminology Licensure Examination.”

Mila first heard about Saylor Academy while on an internship during her time at the university. After completing her first course, Mila moved on to her second one and ended up completing a total of five Saylor courses throughout her time on her internship. 

“It challenged me to do my best in order for me to pass the exams. After I finished five online courses, I didn’t stop there. I took another five more courses, and I got ten certificates in all.”

“I love the Leadership and Teams course because it is very related to the criminology courses. It was very helpful during our internship since I learned more about leadership and applied it during our training.”

As an active learner, Mila has shown remarkable leadership skills and determination, and we are excited to see what comes after graduation for her.

“I am hoping that everyone, regardless of age, status, gender, and race will have access to education. With that, Saylor Academy would be very helpful since they can contribute by providing access to education through their free online courses.”

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