Saylor Academy is pleased to announce the release of a series of new courses, “General Knowledge for Teachers” (GKT). This four course series was developed in conjunction with Florida International University to provide their student teachers with an opportunity to refresh their knowledge of basic concepts in math, reading, writing, and language skills, and to help improve pass rates for candidates taking the general knowledge segment of their state teaching certificate exams.

These courses provide a thorough review of basic skills and competencies in four general knowledge subject areas – Math, Reading, English Language Skills, and Essays: 

Here at Saylor Academy our goal is to disrupt barriers to learning opportunities. We recognize the value of providing the opportunity to learn to those eager to do so. We partner with NGOs, schools and other organizations around the world to provide easy access to our online courses at no cost to them or those they serve. As with all of our courses, access to the GKT series is free of charge making them a perfect addition to teacher professional development programs not just in Florida but worldwide, especially where much needed education and training resources are scarce. They are a terrific learning supplement for any prospective teachers around the world.

Whether used for personal study or as teacher training resources, the GKT course series is an excellent resource for students and teachers alike!