Logo of Planet Startup and Saylor Academy partnership.

Saylor Academy and Planet Startup have recently partnered to offer more flexible tuition-free learning opportunities for Planet Startup’s communities around the world.

Saylor Academy is a non-profit initiative that believes that education should be accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. As part of our mission, we partner with organizations worldwide to help educate communities so they can improve their lives. Saylor partners with universities as well as nonprofits, NGOs and government entities, to promote skill development worldwide.

The Saylor Academy and Planet Startup Partnership

In support of this mission, Planet Startup and Saylor Academy will leverage Saylor’s English as a Second Language courses, and Professional Development (including courses such as Decision-making, Interpersonal Skills , Leadership and Teams, and Information Technologies such as Python for Data Science) to help entrepreneurs develop their business skills.  

These courses earn free certificates that students can display on LinkedIn, post on Facebook or Twitter or link to in a website or personal portfolio.

Planet Startup and Saylor Academy both recognize that people face complex barriers to education and skills, not least of which are time and financial resources. This partnership allows students to develop key skills on-demand, and will help them become even more competitive once they enter the marketplace. 

“Planet Startup and Saylor Academy are uniquely aligned in their missions to leverage technology for better lives”, says Jeff Davidson, Executive Director of Saylor Academy. “Saylor’s sustainable and tuition-free skill-bearing courses are a perfect complement to Planet Startup’s efforts worldwide.” 

“Being able to offer high-quality education on-demand to our entrepreneurial students and graduates around the world enhances our entrepreneurial program in many ways. English as a Second Language, as well as practical business skills and management principles, are perfect for entrepreneurs.  This partnership furthers our mission to equip entrepreneurs to be key economic catalysts for their communities, no matter where they are or their means.”

Dr. Jerald Feinstein, Executive Director of Planet Startup.

About Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy is a nonprofit initiative committed to making education accessible and affordable to all who need it.  We are doing so by creating free online courses, created by credentialed professors with teaching experience as well as industry-leading credentials.  Our courses are available for anyone to take at their own pace, and earn certificates or university credits to help them graduate or gain employment faster, and improve their and their families’ futures. We do not charge institutions to partner with us, and are always looking for like-minded organizations to expand our mission further. 

To learn how to partner with Saylor Academy, please contact Jacqueline Arnold, Director of Strategic Relationships and Communications, at [email protected]

About Planet Startup 

Planet Startup Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable organization, created the Global Entrepreneur Academy Certificate Program with a mission to educate and coach youth around the world to start, manage and grow their own companies while connecting our students with investors and partners to help them succeed.  As a global NGO, we go anywhere, into cities as well as the remote and marginalized areas of a nation to help develop wealth, based on free-market economics.  Our graduates and directors are supercharged job-creating engines, who then train others to do the same, creating rapidly expanding wealth, prosperity, and opportunity zones within a nation. We believe talent and initiative are evenly distributed, but opportunity is not, and our mission is to fix that.