Pharma Educare
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PharmaEducare is dedicated to bridging the knowledge and experience gap between Academia and Industry. They ensure that their students are Industry-ready to take on challenges at Pharmaceutical, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Consultancy and Clinical Research Organizations.

They provide online training and workshops based on various key domains such as Clinical Data Management, Clinical Research & Clinical Trials, GMP, Medical Coding, Medical Devices, Medical Writing, Pharmacovigilance, QMS, Regulatory Affairs as well as other interpersonal skill development courses prepared by experienced industry experts and healthcare professionals.

Pharma Educare and Saylor Academy have partnered to offer skill development opportunities to Pharma Educare students. Students can take any Saylor Academy course and earn fully digital, shareable certificates however Pharma Educare and Saylor Academy have recommended some courses to help you start on your journey. Learn more about how you can share your certificates here.  

Pharma Educare Recommended Courses

  COMM101: Public Speaking ENGL210: Technical Writing PRDV002: Professional Writing PRDV003: Word Processing PRDV004: Spreadsheets PRDV005: Time and Stress Management PRDV006: Spreadsheets II: Formatting and Functions PRDV007: Spreadsheets III: Presenting Data PRDV008: Preparing and Delivering Presentations PRDV102: Resume Writing PRDV103: Interviewing Skills PRDV104: Professional Etiquette PRDV212: Interpersonal Communication PRDV223: Organizational Culture, Diversity, and Ethics