BUS203-FINALHappy Tuesday! Have you ever wondered, “What does the customer really want?” Figuring out what the customer wants (or needs for that matter) can be easier said than done. Or maybe you’re just looking for a new creative spin on your project? Well you’re in luck! Our new  iTunes U Course o’ the Week is BUS 203Principles of Marketing!

The art of Marketing is no easy task to master, and advertising is just one of the essential tools. But don’t be deterred!  Learning how to create a valuable product or service and about exchanging it in trade might be the key to putting you on the right track.

BUS 203 has now joined the other 34 other courses on our  iTunesU Channel for iOS viewers. ‘Course if you’re using your personal computer, don’t fret, the original version is still available on our website at Saylor.org. Or you can jump into any of our 279 other courses. 

Have a great week!