Yesterday, U.S. President Barack Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address to the combined houses of Congress. In the speech, the President called for colleges to be held to high standards of “affordability and value.” Florida Senator Marco Rubio, in his response to the speech, likewise called for meaningful change for students, specifically non-traditional students taking online courses or enrolled in “degree programs that give you credit for work experience.”

Today, we’re proud to add still more substance to our own value proposition: our (free) course MA101-EXC: Single-Variable Calculus I leads directly to actual college credit, thanks to our continuing relationship with Excelsior College. Our course is aligned directly to their exam, and students who pass will get a transcript from EC with four credits, guaranteed at Excelsior and recognized for potential transfer by over 1,800 other colleges and universities (more info). You don’t have to be a student of Excelsior College — or any college — to take advantage of this option, and the total cost is more than modest at $95 for the exam. In short:

Free Calculus Course + $95 exam = Four college credits on official transcript from accredited institution

Although we’ve talked about this a bit here and there, the official release went out today, and is also available on our press releases page. Please share freely with friends, colleagues, and networks — anyone who has a stake in affordable college education!

4 thoughts on “Release – Affordable College Credit for Students of Free Online College-Level Calculus Course

  1. I can’t speak to the others, but we’ve done some work toward CLEP alignment — beyond mapping toward actual course revision — which should make an appearance in late winter or early spring, I believe. In time, at least, for HS seniors to be able to get some use from them.

  2. Does your free course MA101-EXC: Single-Variable Calculus I college credit extend to Canadian college’s? If not where could i get a list of these other 1800 college’s?

    1. Hi Luke,

      There’s some info through ACE’s site here:

      Scroll alllll the way to the bottom and you’ll find these:

      Lakeland College

      Emmanuel Bible College
      University of Toronto

      I would also advise talking to your school’s registrar (or whoever handles transcripts and credit transfers). You may be able to speak with Excelsior College directly, since you would have a transcript from them, or refer your school administration to Excelsior College.

      We’d be happy to chat with your school as well, although we probably don’t have as much clout as Excelsior would in speaking to an accredited college/uni.

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