Still confused on how to calculate that annoying equation? Can’t seem to wrap your head around derivatives? Then cheer up, because MA101-EXC Single-Variable Calculus I is now available on our iTunes U channel.

Straight from Isaac Newton, Archimedes, and Gottfried Leibniz to your iPad (or iPhone if you prefer), single variable calculus will break down those complicated functions and graphs that show the rate of change into a simple language that even non-mathematicians are able to understand.

Okay, okay. So, it wasn’t that long ago that we announced the release of MA101 on iTunes U. So maybe it’s a little soon to be releasing a near-identical twin in MA101-EXC. We think the EXC version is pretty cool and want it to be available to our friends who like working on iOS devices.

What’s the difference? Well, MA101-EXC is a souped-up version of MA101 that is aligned to one of Excelsior College’s UExcel exams.  Taking our free course and passing the $95 exam with UExcel gets you four ACE-recommended credit hours recognized at a whole bunch of higher education institutions. Excelsior College even has articulation agreements with a large number of schools for all-but-guaranteed credit. If you want to know more, Devon Ritter is the man to talk to, but a great place to start is with our Student Credit Pathways page about EC.

So check out the new course on iTunes U, if you wish, and let us know what you think…we’ve got 36 other courses to enjoy on iOS, and all of those plus 244 more to enjoy via your favorite browser. Happy learning!