globeGood Morning and Happy Monday! Open Education Week started today and we’re very psyched about it here at Saylor. Further building on this theme, we take a look at news from around the US and the world. From the state of California,to Scotland, to Berlin, Germany, open education is the name of the game. Student mentors, mentees,  teachers, and conferences all agree, open education is truly helping each and everyone of us around the world learn.

We begin this week with the ones at the heart of it all-the students. In Bakersfield, CA, Independence High School seniors are mentoring their 6th grade Digital Youth Network counterparts in writing.  The seniors read posted pieces from the sixth graders from the iRemix platform. The challenge for the seniors? The students must use constructive criticism and put their proof reading skills to the test. This gives both grades access to a new way to learn and use their expertise to help others like themselves.’It’s actually a lot more powerful than we tend to think it is, because kids tend to value other kids’ feedback a bit more than their parents’, teachers.’

Student Mentors: How 6th and 12th Graders Learn From Each Other (Mind Shift)

This Term, Teachers Are Trending; A Star Turn at the Online Lectern (Wall Street Journal)
Teachers are getting into the world virtual exchange too! The Wall Street Journal reports that teachers’ lectures and lessons are spreading around the world. Thanks to open access to these videos, a Scottish aircraft mechanic, Portuguese internet developer, and even a Colorado quilting expert now can take part in this global learning experience.

Apple’s iTunes U surpasses 1 billion downloads  (Ed. Tech. Times)
As we continue to look at open education around the world, cheers are ringing out at Apple’s iTunes U. The “world’s largest online catalog” has reached another shocking milestone 1 billion downloads!

Online Education and Jazz  (Marginal Revolution)
According to readers of Marginal Revolution‘s Alex Tarbok, open education almost has a “sacred power”, as it brings music to his ears. Tarbok uses jazz music to describe the process it takes to create an internet course.

Berlin edtech startup Scolibri designing LMS platform with teachers in mind (Ed. Tech. Times)
Finally, we find ourselves in Berlin, Germany. Scolibri, an edtech. startup has been hard at work, creating a LMS platform and meanwhile keeping it’s been teachers’ thoughts in mind. Scolibri worker Tobi Honig sees the teachers’ perspectives to be essential in this process.

Well? Are these changes in open education from around the world for the better? Are there any other stories that you have heard in other parts of the world? Please feel free to let us know by commenting below!

Have a great week! In other news…
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