We know. You have been anxious to see what we’ve slated for our first-ever Digital Education Conference.  Well, rest assured, after months of conference calls, emails and brainstorming we are ready to reveal our agenda (download the “pretty” copy here)!  We have plenty planned to bring about new ideas, projects, partnerships and parties…ahem…networking opportunities.

Not to mention, we’ve invited some of the top minds in education (K-12 as well as higher ed), technology, funding/philanthropy, policy and open ed and we’re excited to have a panel featuring one of the hottest topics in higher ed: pathways to college credit.

Sessions are action-based (BYOD recommended)  and designed to get to the point and get you working/thinking/contributing to developing the “missing pieces” in all aspects of Digital Education:  things that should be done, things that could be done better, and things we would do well to do away with.

Cherry Blossoms!
We may even have a race around the Tidal Basin – who knows!

News flash. We will also host a Digital Poster Session, a way for some of our most remote edu-enthusiasts to join in on our program. We are calling for submissions of infographics, short videos, Prezis, or any other media you can think of discussing interesting projects, problems, or research. Email [email protected] to pose a submission!

If you haven’t received an invite email, you can still request an invitation to the conference.

If you have an invite email, register soon!

If you have registered, tweet us @saylordotorg #digedcon. 

At any rate, you have work to do.  We want to see you there!


photo credit: dannymac15_1999 via photopin CC-BY-ND