Chemistry!Like the resource we featured two weeks ago (Free Music Archive), we haven’t yet found a place for the videos at Open Chemistry (UC Irvine), though in this case we might be forgiven; the site arrived with the just-finished Open Education Week 2013. Whether you’re just a die-hard Breaking Bad fan or in love with chemistry for its own sake, you’ll want to check this out!

Let’s hear from them: “Today, a learner can sit with us in our lecture halls and follow four years’ worth of chemistry core classes and electives.” The casual learner, college professor, or online education pioneer (*cough*) can use these videos under the liberal CC BY-SA 3.0 license to follow more than just four years of chem, actually; to whit:

Prep Year (1 course)
Year 1 (3 courses)
Year 2 (4 courses)
Years 3 & 4 (5 courses)
Graduate (3 courses)

With each course you get the outline, information about and/or links to assignments and readings, etc.  While the videos are free and open, the textbook readings aren’t. Still, with the information available here, any good chem text could probably be used to get the full experience. Or, you know, some fully-outfitted, free online chemistry courses.

OpenCourseWare at University of California – Irvine

A video covering the origins of Open Chemistry, with Professor James Nowick:

Open Chemistry:
UCIrvine OCW:
Tell ’em what you think:

If you know of other great openly-licensed resources, we’d love to hear (and talk) about them…let us know!