RmcphersonSo how do we take a bunch of OER and make it into a Saylor course? Course Designer Ryan McPherson knows the recipe well. He has helped design and perfect our BUS 210 and COMM 102 courses. And tomorrow, he will be presenting and spreading the word at the Innovations in Online Learning Conference 2013, in San, Antonio, TX, USA. His presentation is title Saylor University: Bringing Order to Chaos in Open Educational Resources.

Quick look:

The breakdown
The resource behind the presentation is Saylor101: Course Design and Development. This course is jam-packed with tips and tricks on how we bring a method to the madness and create a course out of a collection of OER. McPherson’s presentation carries the torch on to others (it’s subtitled A Review of Saylor.org Resources and Methods useful to instructional designers working outside the Saylor.org Environment)His presentation will include an overview of each of the 6 units, explain the ins and outs of permissions and Saylor formatting, give helpful links and lots of other great information.

We here at Saylor are pretty psyched that McPherson is spreading the word! We will also be watching the Twitter feed (#IOLconf) for tweets, and helping to forward the conversation. Thank you Ryan!