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Want to make your parents (children, friends) proud and catch up on some extra learning this summer? Excited about starting college but unsure of what to choose as your major? Curious about employment opportunities and job searching ideas for a specific major?

Explore some free videos and podcasts from the Faculties! (But, video or no, you might want to forget the popcorn…butter all over the computer, you know?)

From The

This resource is jam-packed with high school and university-level videos under 6 subjects:

How these videos can help you?

Visitors can approach the six subjects through three angles: A-Levels, Universities, and Careers.

A-Levels – Suitable for A-level/High School Students/University Students/The Curious
These lectures can help you on a difficult class or give you a head start on a new one. If you are about graduate, then you can use this resource to help you choose your major. Older students can check out these videos for supplementary learning or to pursue interests.

Universities – High School Students about to graduate
These videos provide advice on making the transition to higher education (of course, from a UK perspective).

Careers* – High School Students/University Students/Recent Graduates
Looking for a job in a specific area? Wondering about future employment opportunities for your chosen major? These videos help you find your way.

These resources will be of value to parents and teachers, too — and, indeed, are useful to many as OER under CC BY-NC-SA licence.

*Don’t forget we have a PRDV major if you’re looking for some more general help in your career!

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