Confused and overwhelmed by spreadsheets? Worried about getting all of your tasks done on-time? Calling all procrastinators and planners alike: unite…TODAY! PRDV 004: Spreadsheets and PRDV 005: Time and  Stress Management are now available on iTunes U.

This week we’re giving you a gift, you get two courses for the price of one! And what’s more, these two courses are joining their friends already up on our iTunes U channel!

  • PRDV001: Computer Skills and Literacy
  • PRDV002: Professional Writing
  • PRDV101: Job Search Skills
  • PRDV102: Resume Writing
  • PRDV103: Interviewing Skills
  • PRDV104: Professional Etiquette
  • PRDV 201: Accounting Principles I

These two courses in particular will help you to master and tame the crazy and occasionally stressful worlds of spreadsheets and time management. Learn the jargon, the skills, the strategies and more. Feeling inspired, but still curious? No worries; just block off 3-6 hours of your time, grab an iOS device or your computer, and go. We’ve got lots of resources from the University of South Dakota‘s Brad James, the Baycon Group, Course Designer Ryan Lowe, Mind Tools TM, Wishful Thinking, and my personal favorite, lecturer extraordinaire Randy Paucsh!

Not on iOS? Don’t worry! The  whole Professional Development program is here to stay at! So what are you waiting for?