Okay — it’s not too often that we do a boring, procedural blog post…well, not too often that we do a procedural blog post, anyway. So please bear with us. And may we quickly, rhetorically ask: Have you joined us in the discussion forums yet?

They’re more than a place to ask a question about a less-popular course and hope that you don’t hear crickets in response; they’re a place to meet other students, share interesting/relevant news, and even post links your work.

And here’s the thing: if you’ve ever used the ePortfolio or taken a course exam, you already have a login.

DiscussionForumsHowToHere’s how to begin! Click on the picture to view it full-size.

First: Register or login — it’s easy! Remember that your ePortfolio or exams login will do the trick.

Then: Check out the guidelines and help pages. They’re quick reads and give you some handy information.

Next: Dive into some of the forums. If you click on Saylor University, you’ll see a whole list of sub-forums for each course. Sometimes newer courses haven’t been added yet…if that’s true for you, let us know and we’ll fix it right away.

Afterwards: Check out some of our favorite tweets. Okay, yes, there’s a lot of self-promotion in there, but the fact is you can learn about some pretty interesting folks out there in the Twitter-verse.

Possibly: If browsing the forums isn’t quite your speed, you can take a look at the latest and freshest posts. You’ll see a few trending topics, and most likely you’ll run into posts about bugs and errors. It happens, and we’re listening…and shared adversity builds camaraderie and community almost as well as shared success (but we’ve got that, too).

Definitely: Check out the latest posts from the blog. Fascinating!

When you wish to post your own topic or reply to someone else’s, simply scroll to the bottom of a list of topics or replies. You’ll see an open form to add your own. Here’s an example of the form to post your own topic; the form to post a reply is similar, but a bit simpler: