MMD: Afternoon EditionGood afternoon, and happy Monday! After having celebrated our independence over the weekend, we are back from vacation and ready to give you another wonderful edition of MMD. But since it’s the afternoon and we know that your Mondays can get busy very fast, this week’s MMD will be a little brief.

For this week, we begin with a look at what really matters: graduating from college, or getting a job? Recently, many undergraduate seniors celebrated a milestone-graduating from college. This is a great achievement in and of itself, as only about half of the students enrolled at a 4-year college in the US actually finish. But with the economy still not quite out of the recession, many surveyed Americans fear how they will pay back their loans and truly get things started in the real world. Noting this change in dynamics, the US Dept. of Ed. has pushed institutions to reveal more information about alumni that have found “gainful employment.” And so, the debate continues…

Finding Work After College More Important Than Graduating, Americans Say In Gallup Poll (Huffington Post)

Could social media bridge the divide between business and education? (Guardian)
In spite of the degrees that people have accrued after spending ample time on their academic careers, industries still claim there is a shortage of skilled job seekers. This journalist thinks that a certain social media space could allow students and businesses to “work side by side continually.” Many platforms and institutions have begun to head in this direction, but there is a need to think outside the box.

What Employers Really Think About Your Online Bachelor’s Degree (NY Daily News)
In the past, employers carried a stigma about BA’s received online. But the present times have seen a change in the employers’ perspectives as more and more online graduates show their great discipline and ability to handle multiple commitments. Still, others favor the more traditional and familiar offline degrees. What are your thoughts?

Have a great week! In other news…
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