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We’re wrapping up week three of our Saylor Summer School experiment. We surveyed our three student cohorts to learn a bit more about them and why they signed up for the torture pleasure of ten weeks of online learning. We share some of the results (pictures! world map!) below.

If you’d like to sign up for the summer sessions, it isn’t too late — especially if you’ve already started BUS205, BUS210, or POLSC201 on your own. Get in touch and we’ll help you out!

Painting with broad strokes, here’s what we can say about our (very unscientific) survey — most students are:

  • taking these courses out of curiosity;
  • have not taken online courses before;
  • have high school through associate’s degree or certificate education histories;
  • are adept with the internet/web;
  • plan to take one of the final exams (credit-recommended exam 33%)

World map showing the distribution of Saylor Summer School students.

Chart showing why Saylor Summer School students have chosen to take a course

Bar graph showing which Saylor Summer School students have taken other courses.

Chart showing the education levels of Saylor Summer School students.

Chart showing Internet/Web familiarity of Saylor Summer School students

Chart showing whether Saylor Summer School students intend to take the final exams.