MMD: Providing insightGood afternoon (evening?) and happy Monday! This week, we have another shortened mini afternoon edition to provide you with some insight on the news in ED-Tech for the week.

We begin with providing some insight on a possible precursor to using Google Glasses in the classroom. The system? An AFL, or Augmented Feedback Lecture that sheds some light on the students’self-reported learning potential for the day. The literal feedback is produced when a student answers a question provided on his/her own networked mobile device. With this new insight, the journalist feels that the educator can then make a more educated and deliberate move on what the next task or activity should be. Still interested? Read on…
A Precursor to Google Glass in the Classroom (EdSurge)

Education: Listen Up! You’re Using the Wrong Flip! (TREP ED)
Warning: This Blog post has a few expletives and some radical ideas (we call it ‘dialog’). However, his points are worth a read, if not (necessarily) at work or for story-time at your kid’s pre-school.

New Study Sheds Light On Online Courses (Wall Street Journal)
Last but not least, this article provides some insight on the type of students that engage in taking MOOCs. It also has some interesting statistics on the topic, including viewpoints on the three main hopes of MOOCs.

Have a great week! In other news…
3 Universities Will Grant Credit for 2U’s Online Courses (Chronicle of Higher Ed.)

Photo Credit: Martin Gommel via photopin CC BY NC ND 2.0