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We are happy to announce yet another partner school willing to accept transfer of’s three NCCRS credit recommended college coursesOur new friends at Bellevue University have joined the ranks of our partners in the higher education space who are committed to the idea of providing students with flexible and affordable degree options.

This addition brings the total number of schools who will guarantee transfer credit of for BUS205, BUS210, and POLSC201 into one of their appropriate degree programs up to 11 (the obsessive-compulsive part of me is really hoping that number jumps to 15 soon, so that we can even out that third row on our partner schools page).

Its really no surprise that Bellevue has taken this step, as they had already begun carving out their own space in the affordable education sphere. Named as one of the Top 10 Online Education Programs in the U.S. News 2013 report, Bellevue University recently launched an innovative degree completion program coined Flexxive®. With this, qualifying students will have the opportunity to earn a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in a time frame conducive to their life, with a potential for ambition and hard work tangibly paying off in the form of reduced costs.

This is also not the first instance in which Bellevue University has offered to award college credit based on the learning gained in a free online course. Through the Canvas Network, Bellevue offers a self-paced open course called, Discover Your Value: Turning Experience into College Credit. In this course, students can learn how to document prior and experiential learning into a portfolio, which can then be submitted to Bellevue for credit evaluation. Bellevue students are able to receive up to 30 hours of undergraduate credit towards their degree through this Experiential Learning Assessment (ELA) process. And of course,’s free online courses are a great means for acquiring the “prior learning” that could be assessed in such a portfolio evaluation. The icing on the cake: any student who completes the open Canvas course, can receive 2 hours of college credit, for free, if they submit a learning portfolio that is itself deemed worthy of credit. Make sure to stay tuned for further updates as Saylor and Bellevue grow this new partnership and work together to find other ways of saving students money in their pursuit of a degree.

The announcement of this new NCCRS transfer partnership comes on the heels of the conclusion of’s first ever Summer School program, in which we added a little more guidance and promised a little more interaction for each of our credit recommended courses over the span of 10 weeks. We were thrilled to see students take and pass our credit recommended exams as a direct result of this pilot program (promising anywhere from 3-9 hours of free college credit* if they choose to transfer into one of our partner schools).

Even outside of the Summer School experiment, we have been pleased to see more students expressing interest in, and earning credit from, our NCCRS courses and other credit aligned pathways over the summer months. Here’s hoping that trend continues into autumn, and thanks again to Bellevue University — and all our partner schools — for helping to add new ways to save money on a college degree through the use of’s free courses.

*Saylor’s NCCRS recommended final exams must be taken in a proctored environment, which can be free if using an in-person proctor, or $25 if using our remote proctoring partner service, ProctorU.

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