We have friends in high places. Really high, like NASA (yeah, that NASA).  Check us out.

NASA Interviews – Real “rocket scientists” talk about their experiences and what led them to a career in science. Check them out.

PluggedInVA Training Program – PluggedInVA will incorporate Saylor.org course materials into its program, where adults who have not completed high school can earn a GED, job training, and college credit for transfer.

Open Educational Resources (OER) Survey – If you have ever used OER, we’d love to have your thoughts. This survey is offered in collaboration with OER Research Hub at The Open University.

Some happenings around the EdTech Sphere:

MOOCS Could Help 2-year Colleges and Their Students, Says Bill Gates (Chronicle) – Bill Gates speaks to a group of leaders at the Association of Community College Trustees and encourages them to provide resources to instructors to help them “flip” the classroom model.

Open Access Journal Peer Review Sting shows Flaws – A Harvard professor submits a hoax paper under an alias to test peer reviews at over 300 open-access journals and published the results in Science Magazine.  Inside Higher Ed covers the possible lack of rigor and fact-checking; and the Chronicle‘s take points out some of these issues may apply to paid journal reviews as well.



Photo Credit: @notnixon via photopin CC BY NC SA