Calling all OER users!

In collaboration with The Open University’s OER Research Hub, we are conducting a survey to learn more about your use of and Open Education Resources (OER). Your answers will contribute to the wider research being done on the effectiveness of learning and teaching with OER, but will also be used to help improve the ways delivers courses and resources.

Ten minutes of your time will help to make OER more effective everywhere. Over 500 of your fellow students have completed the survey so far!

More information:

The Open University is a distance learning university based in the UK. Opened in 1971, its history begins well before then and firmly to the present. The OU provides OER through OpenLearn.

The OER Research Hub is a long-term project that serves to research the impact that OER has on teaching and learning across four sectors of education: K-12, college, higher education and informal learning. The team is supported by The Open University and funding comes from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Note: your answers will be kept anonymous in compliance with UK’s Data Protection Act (1988) and the USA’s Protection of Human Subjects (45 CFR 46). The Saylor Foundation has access only to aggregated data.

Image: OER Research Hub

One thought on “OER Survey – we want to hear from you!

  1. It’s good to see the OU taking a, rather belated, interest in this area. Although I am an OU alumnus, I have been disappointed in recent years at how slowly OU has reacted to changes in technology. Their incredibly slow response to the MOOC movement is indicative, to me, of a failure to grasp the current realities. Nearly a year after announcing the formation of its own MOOC platform (Futurelearn) only now are the first courses offered (in beta form) with most not starting until 2014.

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