If you’re looking for free and open resources to use in homeschooling, Home School Commons might just have you covered.

The materials skew heavily toward being openly-licensed and public domain, are organized by grade level (pre-school to college prep), license, and subject.

Newcomers to the world of open educational resources will find especially useful the pages describing how to use public domain resources and explaining the differences between free-to-use, openly-licensed, and public domain materials. The first page is an excellent, concise, cogent argument for the value of public domain materials (disguised as a few tips and tricks for home school teachers); the second page does a good job of explaining the limitations of free-to-use materials…just because you can email that fantastic resource to a friend doesn’t mean you’re legally allowed to do so.

Add to the materials at Home School Commons the full-curriculum K-12, college prep, and credit-aligned OER at Saylor.org, and families who home school have a powerful combination.

Photo credit: D.Boyarrin via photopin CC BY 2.0