Thanks, in part, to changes last year in some of the tuition options at our partner school Thomas Edison State College, using Saylor Academy courses to help achieve an Associate in Science in Business Administration (ASBA) degree can be over $500 cheaper for New Jersey residents and nearly $2,000 cheaper for out-of-state students.

The need-to-knows can all be found on our Open Course Option for ASBA page, but the old and new price graphics are below for quick comparison (click to view full-size).


3 thoughts on “Update: An (even more affordable) open course option for the ASBA

  1. An interesting realignment in pricing strategy. The saving comes from the slashing of the application and enrolment fees to a flat $200 (from over $3k) while virtually every other fee has increased by about 3-4%. It was always unclear to me how the old enrolment fees were justified, there is no equivalent in UK universities. Just how much administration does it really take to register a student?

    Overall, a welcome change and the costs seem fairly reasonable and proportionate to the input from the college. I’ll be interested to see what the take up is from students. I’d expect it to be a lot higher (proportionally) than the various credit transfer schemes enjoy if only because it is packaged and less dependent on negotiating individual adjustments.

  2. In response to Tom Morris, TESC has a large enrollment fee because it has no residency requirement. You can transfer in 100% of your credits for the ASBA; they have to make money somehow. The Per Credit Tuition Plan has a 12-credit residency requirement for associate’s degrees that can be fulfilled cheaply by taking TECEPs.

    To Saylor: Thank you for not giving me credit for pointing directing you to TESC’s new Per Credit Tuition Plan.

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