First of all, we apologize for the confusion!

Since we have updated our course platform (to the new Learn), many of the courses students have been working on now live there — including their quizzes and exams. For instance, perhaps you have completed the unit assessments for units one through three, and now, on the new course platform, all that information seems to have disappeared.

Do not fret! The information for your old assessments and exams is still in the older testing center ( Information from both the older testing center and the new Learn platform should show up in your Eportfolio account. That is, if you completed assessments for units one through three at and assessment for units four through six at, all six quizzes should show up in your Eportfolio account.

With that said, remember that the unit assessments are not required to complete a course and earn a certificate. Grades on those assessments are purely for your learning benefit and interest. If you would like to have all of your data in the new platform at Learn, you are welcome to re-take any unit assessments or exams that you have previously completed in the older testing center.

Is this the ideal situation? No, it is not; ideally, everything you have done at Saylor Academy would show up, perfectly intact, on the new platform. Quite simply, we were not able to achieve that. Your records exist, they should all show up in Eportfolio, and your earned certificates remain earned and verifiable.

Please be in touch with your questions!