Thanks and congratulations to Adrian Sam Anthony, who today helps us kick off our series of Adamjee Life staff stories, introduced by company CEO Fredrik de Beer a couple of days ago.

Adrian, Customer Service, Adamjee LifeWhen we speak about customer services, the first picture that comes in our mind is a telephonic device and a representative at the other end of the line. As a customer service officer, my job was nothing different until my management made the Saylor Academy courses a part of my yearly development program, which I had to take up eventually. While taking these courses I realized that these aren’t your average “Mock Calls” but in fact they were an in-depth analysis of what you actually need to know when working in a professional customer services department.

These courses have helped me enhance my knowledge and improve my skills for the better.

The best feature of these courses is the certification program, which is recognized by many professional firms, and with the easy accessibility of these courses, you can learn and develop your skills on the go. Happy Learning & Development!

Adrian Sam Anthony
Customer Services Officer Call Centre
Adamjee Life Assurance Company Limited

Photo courtesy Adamjee Life

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  1. Dear Adrian,

    Thanks for modeling the way. It’s great to see your dedication towards your personal development, career and most importantly, wanting to make a difference to our policyholders.

    Kind regards, Fred. de Beer, CEO Adamjee Life.

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