A big thanks to our friends and partners at Accredible for helping us in the second (and final!) batch re-issue of certificates for our legacy courses.

If that first sentence makes virtually no sense at all to you, you’re surely not alone. Here is the gist: On August 26th, 2015, we shut down our old testing center, which used to serve all of our courses. We had kept it kept running for a few months to give students a chance to complete exams and earn certificates for our legacy courses.

Earlier this past summer, re-issued all of the certificates students had earned to date (in 5+ years of Saylor Academy) as Accredible certificates. In this second round, we have re-issued all of the old-style certificates earned in the weeks leading up to August 26th.

If the first three paragraphs make virtually no sense at all to you, you’re surely not alone! The bottom line is this: if you have ever earned a Saylor Academy certificate, it should be represented now on Accredible.com.

Good to know:

Certificate Upgrade FAQ
Getting the most from your course completion certificate

This brings the odyssey of school.saylor.org, our old testing center, largely to a close — and frees up some of our time and energy to focus on building up our courses site and refactoring our eportfolio’s key functions into the course platform to create a more unified and effective experience.

P.S. If you have missed the email, please check your spam folders, etc. If you do not yet have an account on Accredible, you may be able to initiate a password reset to access the Accredible certificates associated with your email address.

If you have a question or concern, get in touch!

P.P.S. Whenever we say or write “certificate upgrade” as in the email subject line “Your Saylor Academy Course Certificate Has Been Upgraded”, we can’t help but think of “2012 (You Must Be Upgraded)”, a collaboration track with Kesha, Biz Markie, and Hour of the Time Majesty 12 on The Flaming Lips’ 2012 album. Search YouTube for “you must be upgraded” to get some fan-made music videos. If Doctor Who, YouTube, fandom, music, video, or just plain sight and sound make you particularly upset, we are #sorrynotsorry and invite you to assume that this second postscript is just a random accident.