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Over the next few days, I’m going to share a series of posts about Creative Commons’ 2016-2020 strategy. Let me skip to the end: CC is going to refocus our work to build a vibrant, usable commons, powered by collaboration and gratitude. Over the course of these next few posts, I’ll explain what that means […]

Keep an eye on the Creative Commons blog over the next days for news about what we can expect from this open licensing stalwart in the next few years.

While CC has always sought to promote adoption of its licensing tools and to support policies for a strong Open community, the organization appears to be shifting toward a more active stance in building and protecting the Commons.

Here’s a great quote from the end of the post linked above (which you should absolutely read in full):

The Internet is real life. It’s where we go to work. It’s how we connect to the people we love. It’s where we tell our stories. This is the society we’re building together. If it is going to be fair, equal, diverse, vibrant, serendipitous, and safe for everyone, it will only be because we choose to make it that way.

We have yet to know just what Creative Commons’ new strategy has in store for us, but author and CC CEO Ryan Merkley’s former employer, Mozilla Foundation, remains a vocal proponent for an open Web and strong digital communities.

Most of our community, we realize, doesn’t care a great deal about open licensing and truly open education in general; free learning is joy enough. That’s okay! Saylor Academy, however, would not be what we are today without Creative Commons and open educational resources (OER). These have deeply shaped our organization and our staff over the years, and so our students too, whether or not everyone realizes it.

We will certainly be watching over the next days and months to see what we can divine about the future of Creative Commons; we invite you to do the same, then come talk about open education with us!

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