New course: Technical Writing

We’re pleased to announce a brand new course, ENGL210: Technical Writing. Don’t let the name fool you — this course is about much more than simply writing product manuals or software documentation. Across seven units, you will learn:

  • Audience Analysis
  • Writing Memos & Emails
  • Writing Formal Letters
  • Using Visuals to Convey Information
  • Process Documentation
  • Writing Proposals
  • Communicating on the Internet

Like all Saylor Academy courses, this free, full, self-paced course culminates in a final exam and a free digital certificate of completion.

ENGL210: Technical Writing also connects to college credit through alignment to the Technical Writing TECEP® exam (ENGL201-TE) offered by Thomas Edison State University and available online for students everywhere. That means that students can confidently use our Technical Writing course and final exam to help prepare for the TECEP exam. For more information about how you may be able to earn college credit for Technical Writing, see the Thomas Edison State University TECEP information page and get in touch!

ENGL210: Technical Writing is a great opportunity to develop and showcase your professional writing skills as well as a great boost to your resume or c.v.!

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Top Comments

  1. Wow! This is an unexpected, but nonetheless welcome, development. After all the discussion over the last eighteen months of focusing on improving existing courses I didn't anticipate seeing any new releases for at least another year or two.

    I've had a quick look through the course and it certainly has plenty of worthwhile content. I notice that you have pulled out the copyright information from the units into a separate 'Terms of Use' section. This works a lot better in maintaining the flow of material; the copyright notices have tended to dominate the framing text in the past. Is this intended to be the new model for course presentation?

    Hey! What's wrong with product manuals? I've written a few in my time. . .

  2. tanner says:

    I'm glad you think this works better -- that was our assessment as well, and it's good to hear that this format enhances the flow of the course materials. We have been "back-porting" this format to other courses as we are able; when we converted a course to the "flexible sections" format (as, for example, BUS101 or ENVS203) we are creating similar Terms of Use pages.

    I appreciate the feedback -- if there's anything else you think works (or doesn't!), let us know.

  3. sean says:

    A great product manual is a joy forever!

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