Student Handbook updated and revised

We have just rolled out a new student handbook, which you can view any time at

Those who have been around long enough to be quite familiar with Saylor Academy won’t notice too much that has changed, but here’s the news:

We have removed references to the ePortfolio.
We have clarified guidelines on maintaining more than one account, particular regarding exams.
We have added a general statement on accessibility.
We have refactored the links at the end to provide more context and organization.

This new edition of the handbook (May 2016) should also be available as a link within each course syllabus.

Particularly if you are a new or recent student — or merely bored, curious, or a voracious reader — take a look! Let us know how we might improve this handbook to be as useful as possible to new Saylor Academy students.

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Top Comments

  1. The handbook says, "In general, you should maintain only one account...". What circumstances do you envisage in which using more than one account would be permissible (other than for maintenance and test purposes by staff)?

  2. sean says:

    The main circumstance I can imagine is when people would like to keep distinct accounts for a personal email address and a work or school email address.

    Admittedly, this is probably pretty rare, although I keep a personal account that I try to keep unspoiled by the stuff I otherwise have access to as an admin.

    Without digging in, I would guess that most multiple account holders are not the results of loophole-seeking, either; we see a lot of stub accounts that a student starts and abandons, later re-registering. Sometimes this is because of a missing confirmation email or malformed email address on the first account, or just a forgotten password. Students who want to use a different email address will also often re-register rather than update their accounts.

  3. dear sean:
    i have a question. since the portfolio has been revised. if i wanted to check for any updates on the computer science foundation course program or if i wanted to change any of my ge requirements how would that work

  4. dear sean;
    thanks for your email and updates. i have just five courses to complete for the computer science degree program and hope to finish it by the end of the summer or fall semester.

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