Ms. Popova and Dr. Clougherty will discuss their integrative learning model and viewing higher education as a learning system during the Saylor Higher Education Summit taking place this June 21/22 here in Washington D.C. We hope you can join us and all the details can be obtained by clicking the banner at the bottom of this post.

Dr. Robert Clougherty is the Founding Dean for Glasgow Caledonian University New York. He is also the Chief Strategy Officer for MindAppster, Inc. He has been in Higher Ed for 35 years in positions ranging from faculty member to Vice Provost.
Viktoria Popova is a Chief Operations Officer at MindAppster Inc. and a co-founder of a mobile knowledge management platform Cinteg. Viktoria’s previous experience is in Prior Learning Assessment, particularly training and facilitation of organizational learning assessment by way of applying standard and innovative techniques, such as cognitive mapping.

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