We are pleased to have Kara Gwaltney lend her expertise as a reviewer of alternative credit to our panel: “Employers as Higher Education Partners, a New View into Degree Completion” during the Saylor Higher Education Summit.

Kara Gwaltney is the Director of CREDIT® at the American Council on Education. For over 40 years, colleges and universities have trusted ACE to provide reliable course equivalency information to facilitate credit award decisions. In addition to conducting course and examination reviews, CREDIT® facilitates opportunities for organizations who are innovating in the areas of badging, competency based assessment, and curriculum design to showcase their practices and efforts to increase non-traditional attainment.

Prior to her full time role as Director, Kara served as a consultant with a primary focus on developing and establishing best practices for ACE’s Virtual Review platform. With a decade of experience working with non-traditional learners, Kara brings an understanding of the workforce-education alignment and the impact of credentialing in support of our national attainment goal.

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