Program Also Open to Students Around the World via Distance Learning!

Wilmington University, an open-access university serving over 20,000 students, and Saylor Academy have established a credit transfer agreement allowing tuition-free Saylor Academy courses, recommended for college credit, to transfer into degree programs at Wilmington.

The University serves students at several physical locations in  Delaware, New Jersey,  and Maryland. However, they also reach beyond their local boundaries by charging the same tuition to all distance learning students regardless of their state or country of residence.

Depending on a student’s chosen major, Saylor Academy’s college-credit recommended courses can provide up to two years worth of tuition-free credits toward a  Wilmington University degree.  Courses in Saylor Academy’s Direct Credit program have been reviewed and recommended by either the American Council on Education (ACE CREDIT) and/or the

Saylor Academy partners with several colleges and universities to promote degree completion and increase access to higher education for students.  If you would like to learn more about credit transfer partnerships, contact Jeff Davidson, Director of Strategic Relationships, at [email protected].