If you are reading this blog you might know that Saylor Academy believes education should be accessible and affordable to everyone. We make this a reality by providing all our online courses for free. Furthermore, over 30 of those courses are eligible for college credit.

Saylor Academy is a non-profit organization and not an accredited school. Our online courses are at a college level, and our credit eligible courses have been reviewed and recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE) and/or the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS). These courses provide an opportunity for students to earn college credit, risk and tuition-free.

With our “Start, Study, Save!” initiative, we are reaching out to adult and working learners to show them how to save money in pursuit of their degree.


According to a Georgetown University Center on Education & the Workforce report one-third of working learners are 30 years old or older and twenty-five percent of all working learners are full-time college students and have a full-time job.

It goes without question that juggling school and work can be a daunting task and can deter many from continuing their education.

Saylor Academy can help with this. Our courses are always open and can be started at any time, giving a working learner freedom to learn how to juggle.

Along with starting a Saylor Academy course at anytime a learner can start their online degree journey with us before deciding on what college/university to enroll in.

With no cost upfront there is more peace of mind and freedom to explore.


As well as our courses being open to start at anytime they are also open to study at a students own pace.

On average our students complete a course within one month. This is ideal for an adult learner that wants to complete their degree as fast as possible.

This openness can also go in the other direction, giving the student the freedom to not only study the course faster than a traditional course, but also slower.

We encourage our students to find their ‘Goldilocks Zone’, to find a study schedule that fits their learning style perfectly.

On average an equivalent college course would cost $1,200.

Our courses are free and we have partnered with a company called ProctorU that provides online proctoring services for $25 per exam.

That, along with a small fee for transferring the college credit, means earning a 3-4 college credits for less than $50.

Many of the schools that we are partnered with are geared towards helping the adult and working learners start and complete their degrees. Schools such as Thomas Edison State University, Western Governor University, and Southern New Hampshire University.

You can visit our Partner Page to see a full list of the schools we have partnered with.

Helping Stopped-Out Students Cross the “Finish Line”

One of Saylor Academy’s partner schools, University of Memphis (UofM), has a program called Project Finish Line. The program assists students who have completed 90 or more credit hours, but were unable to complete their degree. Part of that assistance is accepting Saylor Academy’s free courses for credit.

In this program the students have earned over 2,170 credits through Saylor Academy and have saved over $745,000.

With our “Start, Study, Save” campaign we hope to bring attention to the fact that achieving the dream of completing a college degree doesn’t have to break the bank or adhere to unrealistic time constraints.

Your education belongs to you and Saylor Academy can help you Start, Study and Save!

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