ProctorU recently announced a significant data breach affecting students from many universities and other institutions around the world, including several from Saylor Academy. 

This breach was on an older ProctorU staging server that included user data from around March 2015 and before. 

If you have never had an account with ProctorU or first created an account with ProctorU after March 2015, this data breach does not affect you.

ProctorU has reset passwords for all affected accounts. If you have a ProctorU account, whether or not you think your data was affected, we recommend reviewing your account and changing your password. If you have ever used the same password on other sites, you should also change it on those sites.

Breached data includes:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email address
  • street address
  • telephone
  • city
  • state
  • zip
  • country
  • Hashed and salted passwords.

We do know that some Saylor Academy students with ProctorU accounts have been affected and we are contacting those students directly at the email addresses on record with ProctorU.

ProctorU provides additional details and contact information at That page has been updated several times (last updated August 20th, as of writing). We do not know if it is final or complete. You should contact ProctorU with any concerns.

You can also always contact Saylor Academy.