Saylor Academy India Partnerships promote skills

Saylor is partnering with universities to promote skill development worldwide. Recently, we have partnered with international universities, many of which are in India, leveraging our courses to provide students with professional development opportunities. 

Our university skill development partners include:

As you may know, Saylor Academy’s free Professional development courses provide opportunities to learn skills quickly (many courses are under 20 hours), in subjects such as Decision-making, Leadership and Teams, and Interpersonal Skills.  These courses earn free certificates that students can display on LinkedIN, post on Facebook or Twitter or link to in a website or personal portfolio. 

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However, did you know that students can use any Saylor Academy course to earn a free certificate?  Saylor students have always been able to use our courses to develop career-relevant skills in programming languages such as Python (a new course!)  and C++, as well as subjects such as English as Second Language.   Learning in-demand skills helps students improve their employment prospects and entrepreneurial opportunities. 

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As part of our work to support skill development, Saylor partnered with the National Skill Development Corporation, a public-private partnership in India that provides training and skill development for youth. Saylor Academy is a Knowledge Partner e-SkillIndia, which is a digital skill development platform for Indian citizens. These courses ensure youth have the skills needed to compete for great jobs.  

Saylor partners with universities, non-profits/NGO’s, and government organizations to promote access to postsecondary education and skill development worldwide. Learn more about Saylor Academy’s free online courses, and how a Saylor partnership improves opportunities for students and citizens worldwide.