Linkedin interview

Meet Stamatina Chairopoulou, an IT System Engineer and Information Security Analyst living in Greece.

"Despite what society’s cultural biases suggest, cybersecurity and computer science are definitely women’s work!" – Stamatina Chairopoulou Click To Tweet

This interview has been edited slightly for length and clarity.

Saylor Academy: Hi Stamatina! Congratulations on earning your Saylor certificates! I was wondering how you found out about Saylor Academy and our free courses?

S: Hello! I’ve seen the Academy on a few posts on my LinkedIn network, so I gave it a try and signed up to do the two related courses with my science.

SA: Nice! May I ask what your profession is and how, if at all, the courses you took helped you in your science?

S: Sure, I have studied computer science and also I am professionally in this area since 2015 (either as system admin or cybersecurity analyst).

The related courses (CS401, CS402) were a nice and smooth reminder/revision for some technical knowledge in networking.

SA: That’s great to hear! It sounds like the courses were used as refreshers for you to stay up to date, etc.

Would you recommend these courses to experienced and/or aspiring computer science professionals?

S: Yes , definitely. I have done it already, but I will keep up in my network.

SA: Awesome! Do you have any advice for women wanting to start a career in tech?

S: I wrote something, regarding women in the Computer Science field, but I think that it’s too extended as I review it now.

“Computer scientists have been a part of some of the biggest innovations that have changed lives worldwide! This science can impact the world in every field. There aren’t enough skilled workers today to fill tech-related jobs, as even more specialized fields of IT or OT, such as the cybersecurity sector (topics: cryptography, password cracking, digital forensics and open-source intelligence gathering).

Cyber-attacks are the most significant challenges facing global industry today. As cyber threat continues to escalate, more perspectives are needed to combat the threat, and women bring a different perspective from men. As history has taught us, women built much of the foundation for this area.

Companies should build workforces that integrate diversity of all kinds – disciplines, genders, backgrounds, ethnicities – as this way ensures fresh perspectives, prompting innovation and creativity!

 Despite what society’s cultural biases suggest, cybersecurity and computer science are definitely women’s work!”

SA: I love it, very insightful! Thank you so much for sharing.

S: I am glad that you find it good; first time i wrote something presenting my thought/opinion.

You’re very welcome!

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