Daniel Atitebi is an Information Technology Consultant and Trainer at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in Nigeria.

*This interview has been edited slightly for length and clarity*

SA: May I ask how you found out about Saylor Academy and our free courses?

DA: I stumbled over it while searching for free courses online. I really wanted to improve on myself by taking personal studies in areas that relate to my profession. I am not really earning much in my present company and I come from a climate where necessary infrastructure enables one to accomplish much in education. So, I see it that Saylor Academy offers me the opportunity to study freely and equally give me the opportunity to be tested for what I learned from their platform, and be issued a recognized certificate of completion.

SA: What is your career goal and what do you plan to do next?

DA: My career path is Information Technology and IT Training. This can boost my career upscale and if I can gather enough courses and get enough points that will allow me to take some online courses with some of the Saylor Academy affiliate or partner universities.

SA: What would you say to someone if they asked you about Saylor Academy? Would you recommend our classes and if so, why?

DA: Yes, I will encourage people about how rich and valuable the online training of Saylor Academy is and I will definitely encourage them to register… and explain to them the importance of the knowledge acquired in the training and how it will help them to achieve their academic goals. Also, how the Saylor Academy courses will assist them in their career path and professional development as well as the advantage of the certificate of completion to them and their respective employers.

SA: Anything else you’d like to add?

DA: Thanks to Saylor Academy for granting me the opportunity to study in ten areas with certificates issued to me in those areas. The courses have widened my understanding in Business Management and other related business topics, and I can honestly and boldly say that I am a better version of myself. Saylor Academy and their able staff like you have added much value to me academically, and to my career pursuit. Thanks for your encouragement. I still hope to do more courses. 

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