Clive Naude has 29 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and he chose Saylor Academy’s free courses to expand on his knowledge and put his new skills into practice. We are beyond excited to see students like Clive set milestones and equip themselves with multiple courses. Here is what he had to say about his experience earning 27 certificates.

Saylor Academy: What drove you to enroll in your first course?

Clive: I was advised to do a business management course by my company (Tribeca Coffee).

SA: Once you obtained your first certificate, what inspired you to complete another 27 courses?

C: There were a number of other courses that tied into the course I had just completed, and I felt that they would improve my skill set.

SA: What did you like the most about the courses?

C: How they all seemed to be supportive of each other.

SA: What are your thoughts on the self-paced nature of the courses?

C: I think that it is an overall great way to improve yourself. It allows you to be able to focus on courses and not get bored or frustrated.

SA: Would you recommend Saylor Academy to others?

C: Yes, absolutely.

SA: What are your career goals? And how have the 27 certificates you obtained through Saylor Academy prepared you to achieve those goals? 

C: I am in the hospitality industry, and customer relations and communications skills are highly important. The courses have increased the overall personal experience I am able to put into and gain from my work.

SA: Do you have any advice for people joining the online learning community?

C: The experience will firstly allow you to gain a better understanding of the areas you wish to focus your career goals, it will further increase your confidence and offers other practical courses which can make for a better general understanding of the world around us.

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