Gina Lewis taught us about the importance of professional development, and how self-paced courses can boost a student’s motivation. We asked her a few questions about her experience earning her Saylor Academy certificate. 

Saylor Academy: What are your professional goals, and how will your new Saylor Academy certificate help you advance in your career?

Gina: I am currently the Chief Deputy Recorder in Benton County and am hoping to be the new Recorder eventually, or move to another administrative profession. Having these certificates can help me stay connected and continuously further my knowledge in the professional administrative field!

SA: What are your thoughts on the future of online education?

G: I feel that online classes and learning at your own pace will help many people not feel so pressured all the time. Being able to slow down and process at my own pace has had a huge impact on how I learn especially now that I’m getting older and cannot retain information as easily as I used to.

SA: What did you enjoy the most about the course? Would you recommend Saylor Academy to others?

G: The course itself was very informative and gave me some better insights into interacting with different people in and outside of the workplace! I have already suggested Saylor Academy to my step-daughter. She is currently working on her HSE and I am hoping that she will continue her education knowing that she can learn at her own pace!

SA: What words do you have for new students that want to pursue their  Saylor Academy certificates?  

G: It doesn’t hurt to try! Start with one and get your learning style figured out. I always had trouble getting myself motivated, but now I can go at my own pace and feel more motivated to learn.

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