Saylor and NTA partnership

Saylor Academy is very pleased to announce a new partnership with the National Training Agency (NTA) of The Bahamas, to provide flexible, affordable learning opportunities for NTA students interested in learning new career skills.

Saylor Academy is a non-profit initiative that believes that education should be accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. As part of our mission, we partner with nonprofit organizations worldwide to help educate communities so they can improve their lives. As you may know, Saylor Academy’s free Professional development courses provide opportunities to learn skills quickly (many courses are under 20 hours), in subjects such as Decision-making, Leadership and Teams, and Interpersonal Skills.  These courses earn free certificates that students can display on LinkedIN, post on Facebook or Twitter or link to in a website or personal portfolio.  

Saylor partners with universities as well as nonprofits, NGOs, and government entities, to promote skill development worldwide. The Saylor and NTA partnership will allow those in NTA’s program to have additional access to free opportunities to build their skills via short professional development courses students can take at their own pace and on their own schedule.  Students can complete most professional development courses within 10 hours or less, and earn a free certificate to display on their resume or on social media. 

The National Training Agency and Saylor Academy both recognize that students, such as those  NTA serves, lead increasingly busy and complex lives. They require flexible education options to balance skill development with work and family demands. This partnership allows students to develop skills that are in demand now for free, and will help them become even more competitive once they enter the marketplace. 

“This partnership helps to further the urgent work of preparing more people for the 21st Century economy,” says Jeff Davidson, Executive Director. “Saylor Academy is proud to partner with the National Training Agency to upskill Bahamians and prepare them for the next stage of their careers.” 

About Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy is a nonprofit initiative committed to making education accessible and affordable to all who need it.  We are doing so by creating free online courses, created by credentialed professors with teaching experience. Our courses are available for anyone to take at their own pace, and earn certificates or university credits to help them graduate or gain employment faster, and improve their and their futures. 

Saylor partners with a group of universities and colleges, as well as other nonprofits and organizations wishing to open access to education. We do not charge institutions to partner with us, and are always looking for like-minded organizations to expand our mission further. 

To learn how to partner with Saylor Academy, please contact Jacqueline Arnold, Director of Strategic Relationships, at

About National Training Agency 

The mandate of the National Training Agency is to build a competency-based training and job placement system that is flexible and responsive to the actual requirements of the workplace via a network of suitable training institutions, organizations, and programs involved in the process of supplying qualified and skilled labor for the Bahamas.

The National Training Agency also provides for the allowance of job creation through training and employment schemes including internships, special job projects, entrepreneurial opportunities, and the expansion of the modern national apprenticeship program in keeping with the Government’s policy on apprenticeship training.