Arnaud Cart is a native of France living in the UAE. His growing interest in the world of cryptocurrencies drove him to take our Bitcoin for Everybody course and successfully expand his knowledge. With newly acquired skills, Arnaud hopes to dive deeper into Bitcoin and branch out into new and exciting professional paths. Read his story below. 

Saylor Academy: Tell us more about yourself? Where are you from? What are you currently working on? What are your career goals?

Arnaud: I am actually from France but I live in the UAE. I work as a Senior Business Consultant – tech sales for an IT company. We develop planning solutions across different industries. Logistic, Transportation, and more. I would like to work in the crypto world and later have my own business. I have a lot of ideas.

SA: What drove you to take our Bitcoin for Everybody course?

A: Since 2017 I have been curious about cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, being the most unique and decentralized one, I wanted to know more about it. I follow Michael Saylor on Twitter and found out about the course.

SA: What did you like the most about the course?

A: The versatility of its content. From podcasts to videos, pictures, blogs. It was very rich and I enjoyed it very much. 

SA: How do you plan to use this new certificate to achieve your career goals?

A: This is a good question. Well, sharing it on LinkedIn I believe will be good to highlight my interest in the field. Also, I am hoping to use it towards other courses/training so I can become ever more knowledgeable and maybe get a job in crypto in the near future. 

SA: Do you have a word of advice for people interested in taking our Bitcoin for Everybody course?

A: Bitcoin is going to change the world. We are still in the early stage and it is important to have a good understanding of it as early as possible. This course is a must-do course if people don’t want to be left behind.

SA: Based on your experience, what advice do you have for people aiming to find a new career path?

A: I think that taking as many courses as possible is the way forward for a new career path. Saylor .org is the way forward.

SA: What is one valuable lesson you learned through your experience with Saylor Academy?

A: I always thought I would have to pay a fortune to get a decent Bitcoin course. Though I was amazed at how rich and complete was this course. An amazing experience. 

The cryptocurrency phenomenon continues to expand all over the world. Students like Arnaud preach the value of acquiring knowledge to keep up with growing trends and opportunities. Congratulations to Arnaud on his new certificate! We are eager to see his future accomplishments. Read more student interviews here and learn about their experiences earning their certificates. You can find all information on our courses here.