Saylor graduate Ndeye Penda Diagne is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Language, Linguistics, and English Grammar at the Virtual University of Senegal. She’s a passionate learner, a language lover, and a big mathematics enthusiast.

Ndeye has taken five Saylor courses and she aims to conquer great milestones! In her words, “My goal is to obtain a Master’s degree in Translation and another degree in Business Statistics.”

We asked her to recount her experience with Saylor Academy and here’s what she had to say.

Saylor Academy: What inspired you to enroll in your first course with us?

Ndeye: Good question. I have been studying English since 2011, but I never got a chance to test my level. Saylor Academy gave me the opportunity, and I took it without hesitation. And to be honest, the certificate also played a great part in my decision.

SA: Out of the five courses you took with us, which one was your favorite and why?

N: Real-World Mathematics! Seriously, this course just won me over! I just can’t believe that I now understand the basics of mathematics. I was so weak in mathematics at school that I hated it. I was always among the last during my math exams. Now, I enjoy doing simple math exercises. Currently, I am studying algebra and I am even dreaming to work in a field that has a link with mathematics. For a student who used to loathe mathematics, this is just amazing.

"Helping others to study is a very noble thing, and the way Saylor Academy does it is just commendable" – Ndeye Penda Diagne Click To Tweet

SA: How do you plan to put these new skills you gained through our courses into practice? 

N: I am already using the skills I have gained In your English courses in my linguistic studies; I have become more confident and better at translation. About the skills I will earn in your mathematic courses, I am sure that with them, I will become a good business statistician. I also plan to share my skills with people who struggle a lot with mathematics.

SA: What is your overall opinion on Saylor Academy’s mission?

N: If I list all the good things I think about Saylor Academy, I will never finish! So let me keep it short. Saylor Academy is a dream come true! Helping others to study is a very noble thing, and the way Saylor Academy does it is just commendable. Saylor Academy has made me know that nothing is impossible with hard work and dedication. It has not only taught me to believe in my abilities and dreams, but it also provided me with the means to make them come true.

SA: What advice do you have for new learners joining the Saylor community?

N: They should not hesitate to take Saylor Academy’s courses. They won’t regret it.

Ndeye’s lesson is in hard work and dedication. We wish her the best in her future career projects! Read more student interviews here and learn about their experiences earning their certificates. You can find all information on our courses here