Photo of Manha, young lady with green shirt and background of green leaves.

Manha is from Ontario, Canada, and has completed all 12 of our Computer Science courses! She enjoys graphic design, hackathons, and coding. She is in her last year of high school and is looking forward to one day working in the field of computer science. We asked her to tell us about her experience taking our courses and she had a lot to say!

“Saylor Academy has served as a stepping stone for me to advance my abilities and achieve my goals.” – Manha Malik Click To Tweet

“I was searching for a resource that could teach me about various programming languages and how to utilize them. I had also been looking for a way to put my coding abilities to the test, and after visiting Saylor Academy’s website, I knew it was the perfect resource to help me do that.

After receiving my first certificate, I aspired to obtain others. At the time, I knew there were still eleven more courses in the computer science section on the Saylor Academy website, and I wanted to obtain all of them. Although it took a while, I was determined to learn and finish as many courses as possible. After weeks of hard work, I completed every single course in the computer science section of Saylor Academy and passed.

Furthermore, Saylor Academy is a great resource to learn coding from and all the courses were well-designed.  I was particularly impressed with the attention and effort that went into all of the resources in each of the courses, and I found each of the assessments to be quite useful. I appreciated being able to check my learning before taking the exam and the fact that I could perform the assessments as many times as I wanted to check my understanding; that made it a breeze. I especially loved the courses that included a study guide as it helped me understand which concepts were most essential and in turn, prepared me for the exam.

Moreover, my professional ambitions involve working in computer science and becoming a successful software developer. The skills I acquired from Saylor Academy will be extremely useful in my future endeavors as I was able to learn the fundamentals of programming as well as important to grasp concepts. My favorite course was CS201: Elementary Data Structures. I learned a lot about problem-solving and data structures, and found the analogies and theoretical research in the course very interesting.

I will be recommending Saylor Academy to as many people as possible because it teaches fundamentals and enables you to not only test your knowledge but also obtain a certificate to demonstrate your comprehension!

Overall, I believe Saylor Academy is a fantastic resource, and I’m looking forward to taking more courses!”

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