Tamara Gillis, a full-time communications professor at Elizabethtown College, has always been curious about what motivates people.

“Communication is at the heart of all relationships – both the professional ones and the social or personal ones. Early in my career and my educational journey I took note of that fact and have tried to apply it as a practitioner and as a partner in relationships.”

With more than thirty-eight years of experience in the communications profession, thirty-three of which have been devoted to teaching, Tamara has built her career as both a professor and a practitioner. Her experience ranges from having worked in health care, higher education, advocacy, and the publishing industry.

“I’ve had the pleasure of teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses as well as executive leadership training.”

In 2012, Tamara joined the Saylor team as a faculty consultant. She has been involved in our communications and business courses and has contributed to at least six of them.  For Tamara, each course is unique in its explanation of the contributions of communications to our lives.

"I was intrigued by the Saylor proposition, and I was hooked after my first course development experience.” – Tamara L. Gillis, Ed.D., ABC, FRSA, IABC Fellow Click To Tweet

Working on a new Saylor project always brings something new to the table, experiences that have helped Tamara become a better educator and consultant.

“Saylor experiences have introduced me to new content assets and have helped me develop my skills in writing assessment elements.”

If you ever find yourself taking one of Tamara’s courses, remember that the key to succeeding is to pace yourself and enjoy the experience. In her words, “Each content asset in the course is there to help you expand your knowledge and apply your understanding of the content.”

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