Johan Groen first started his career in IT at the age of 19, when he was recruited to work in a copy shop. While working there, he was offered numerous training opportunities that eventually led him to an international position in the head office responsible for IT-related matters in more than 30 different locations. Thus began his journey through Europe. 

In 2006, Johan joined Flow Traders, a trading firm in Amsterdam, as an IT specialist. “Within this company, I thrived in many different roles and capacities whilst being part of a great team that built low latency networks, cutting-edge hardware & software, and a solid reliable financial trading environment in general.”

A career breakthrough came 16 years later when a call to venture into entrepreneurship led him to start his own small business. GreenBit offers financial and IT services to individuals, family offices, asset managers, and companies who wish to learn specifically about Bitcoin and the DeFi environment. 

As Johan’s interest in Bitcoin grew, he came across Saylor Academy’s Bitcoin for Everybody. In his words, “I wanted to go down the rabbit hole, and this course is possibly the only one that starts with the basics and gives you an excellent journey to understand Bitcoin Economics.” 

Johan Groen PRDV151 certificate

Despite completing his first certificate, Johan was far from finished with his Saylor experience. After browsing our 100+ professional-level courses, he was drawn to topics he had previously encountered throughout his career and had never had the opportunity to explore in-depth. Knowledge was at his fingertips. 

“I was amazed by all the high-quality information that was readily available but mostly impressed that a company would offer this to all people in the world free of charge.” 

To date, Johan has completed a total of 12 courses. Saylor Academy has become his reference platform for polishing his skills and acquiring new ones. Education drove change in his life, and in the lives of many of our students around the world. 

“Hopefully, education will be high quality, widespread, and available to everybody. There are many areas in the world that have a very high undeveloped potential. Education empowers.” 

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