Nwachukwu Chibuike Christian, a public speaker, educator trainer, and pharmacy technician from eastern Nigeria, is not like most online learners. While searching for chemistry and geography certifications on the Internet, he came across Saylor Academy, which immediately caught his attention. His newfound learning platform checked all the boxes—easy access, a wide range of courses, and a schedule that suited his needs. Having found the right place to learn, Nwachukwu went on to complete not one, not two, but, to date, sixty certificates. 

“I am grateful to Saylor Academy for providing online candidates the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.”

Nwachukwu’s favorite course is World Regional Geography, which he recalls was his first certificate. The knowledge he has acquired through the wide range of courses is vast. 

“The chemistry course I also took helped me to solve daily problems environmentally. The political science courses helped me be politically aware, especially the American government course that I took. I also took a course in philosophy, environmental ethics, and worldview.” 

His hope for the future is to put the skills and knowledge he gained through Saylor Academy to work in his community. His drive stems from what he learned in courses like Global Justice and Ethics and Public Policy

“I would recommend Saylor to anybody who is looking for a place to study for free or for college credit. The courses are not easy to pass, but if you are determined, definitely you will succeed.”

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