Melinda Salzer, a marketing consultant and professor, spent her early career in the advertising industry, where she learned about the creative process and market analysis. Drawn to target markets and market conditions, and how marketing campaigns were developed to address these factors, Melinda transitioned into the marketing industry.

In 1988, Melinda launched her marketing consulting business, Speaking of Marketing LLC. Soon after, she attended the MBA program at St. John’s University, where she deepened her knowledge of the fast-paced world of marketing.  

“For the next several years, I worked with small and medium-sized businesses to develop their marketing strategies. I created marketing plans, marketing materials, press releases, website content, and other growth strategies. I also conducted marketing workshops and seminars for several business and industry organizations.”

Melinda joined the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWB0), serving a two-year term as President of the chapter. NAWBO connects women business owners, allowing them to share resources and create strategic alliances.

Come 1996 and, being a seasoned marketing professional, Melinda decided to expand her portfolio of experience by adding a teaching role. She would go on to apply for various university positions in the marketing department of schools in her area, leading to the beginning of her career as an educator.

“Teaching one class turned into being asked to return semester after semester. As time went on, I realized how much I enjoyed teaching and sought positions in other schools, as well.”

As of 2022, Melinda is an adjunct professor at three colleges: Southern New Hampshire University, Berkeley College, and Brookdale Community College.

Melinda joined the Saylor team in 2010 as a Course Content Developer and has worked on nearly a dozen courses with us.

"The overall concept of Saylor Academy is inspirational. Offering free higher education is such an important undertaking and being part of this initiative is very fulfilling." – Melinda Salzer Click To Tweet

What Melinda enjoys most about contributing to our courses is creating original content, as it gives her the opportunity to research and provide students with the most up-to-date information possible.

“Students face many obstacles when it comes to higher education, with cost being a major issue. Students are left with loans that take years to pay back, and Saylor can bridge the gap for students who are unable to afford a college education.”

Saylor learners, listen up; if you ever find yourselves taking one of Melinda’s courses, make sure you are committed to the course before you begin. This will help with continuity and recall. Remember, the material evolves as the course progresses.

“By dedicating time to the course, the student can apply their new knowledge as they move through the material.”

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