Almost 100 Credits – Tuition-Free!

97 Credits

The Saylor Direct Credit program now includes 33 tuition-free courses recommended for 97 credits. Sixteen courses have been recommended anew for the next three years, but we are especially pleased to announce two brand-new additions to the roster, Principles of Finance and Organizational Behavior. BUS202: Principles of Finance (ACE, 3 credits) BUS202 is the study […]

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Fayetteville State University is our newest college credit transfer partner

We are pleased to welcome Fayetteville State University (FSU), part of the University of North Carolina system, as Saylor Academy’s newest college credit transfer partner. Our partner colleges and universities agree to accept tuition-free, self-paced Saylor Direct Credit courses for transfer credit. Students who are enrolled at FSU can earn credit for Saylor Direct Credit […]

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Featured Speaker: Amrit Ahluwalia, The Evolllution

Summit Banner

We’re very excited to welcome Amrit Ahluwalia, Managing Editor of The Evolllution, to our Summit on the Credentialing Economy! Amrit Ahluwalia will interview Sharon Leu on our first day of the Summit, June 7th. The EvoLLLution is an online newspaper focused on non-traditional higher education and the transforming postsecondary marketplace. The EvoLLLution publishes articles and […]

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Meet the Panelists: Innovation and Disruption

Our notion of teaching, learning, and assessing skills and knowledge is constantly being challenged and reformed. We have gathered several experts to discuss the possibilities and ramifications of new technologies, pedagogies, and shifts in the way we teach, learn and work. Join us! Registration for the Summit on the Credentialing Economy is $50, and is […]

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Meet the Panelists: Competencies and Credentials as Currency

What does a credential communicate? Changing how credentials are viewed and evaluated causes us to explore the underpinnings of any credential, degree, license, or certificate, and consider what is being assessed or communicated.  Does a credential communicate knowledge, skills, competencies, experience, or time spent learning? Does more specificity/granularity hurt or help the credential holder? While OER […]

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New Summit Keynote: JoAnn Kozyrev, Western Governors University

We are very pleased to announce that JoAnn Kozyrev, Vice President of Design and Development at Western Governors University, will deliver a keynote for our “Competencies and Credentials as Currency” track on Friday, June 8, 2018. Join us at the Summit on the Credentialing Economy, June 7-8, 2018, to learn more! At WGU, Joann Kozyrev […]

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