This post is an in-case-you-missed-it (ICYMI) special. Maybe that’s another way of saying “slow news day”; we won’t quibble, but we do like to think we’re transcript-half-full kind of people.

Without further ado, here are some of our stories you may have missed in the past few days…

040802_155544_1Making Open Courseware Count (11/07/12)
In which we talk a little about what we said at the recent Open Ed 2012 Conference in lovely Vancouver, BC. More to the point, though, we share some video produced (in ridiculously short order) by our talented a/v team and starring just a few of our ridiculously awesome (generous, charismatic, curious) students.

Monday Morning Digest: Learn Computer Literacy Online? Nah, It’ll Never Work (11/12/12)
This post is the official, non-impromptu roundup. Links to articles on education, student finance (yawn yay!). Bonus points if you can spot my cut-and-paste blunder before I fix it. Yikes.

Saylor’s “Wild Ambition” — Now in Chronicle Flavor (11/13/12)
Nitroglycerine, gadflies, global ambition. And you thought that our backstory wasn’t exciting…

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